window cleaning

Nothing is more appalling than streaks that deface freshly painted windows.

With a few tricks, you will ensure a complete view.

Everyone knows it: You defeat the inner pig and make yourself to the annoying window cleaning and then that: Everywhere leaves the cleaning agent streaks and stripes residential window cleaning.

But actually enough little tricks that do little work to clean your windows flawlessly.

Window cleaning: choose the right weather
Cleaning windows at temperatures below freezing is not a good idea. But on mild winter days, when spring is so slow, it’s easy to clean. First of all, you should also choose a day to clean the windows where the sun does not shine too much. Due to strong sunlight, the water on the windowpane dries too quickly and thus the unpleasant streaks are created.

«If it is colder than minus five degrees Celsius outside, the cleaning water immediately ices up on the windows,» says Rosemarie Weber, head of the DHB Netzwerk Haushalt Bayern. Antifreeze such as alcohol in the cleaning water could prevent this. But Weber does not think much of it, because they harm the environment and because the apartment cools down strongly when the windows are open in cold weather.

However, acute soiling on the window, such as bird droppings or soot, must always be removed immediately, even in the cold. Otherwise, irritant and corrosive substances may damage the windows and frames.

It does not only depend on ice and snow, but also on the sunlight, whether window cleaning makes sense. «In the blazing sun, the windows dry quickly even in winter, which can lead to streaks,» says Bernd Glassl of the industry association for personal care and laundry detergent (IKW). Milder days are better.