A mobile app or mobile application

A mobile application or simply app is a computer program designed to run on a smartphone, smartwatch, tablet or other mobile device. With the help of apps it is possible to easily add extra functions to a mobile device buy contest votes, so that they can be expanded to multifunctional communication equipment.

Usually, some apps have already been installed on the device by the manufacturer or provider. Other apps are available at the app store, a virtual store where software can be downloaded for a fee or not. There are free apps, but there are also those that have to be paid for. Some apps are available in both a free version and a payment version. The free version then, for example, shows advertisements or the payment version offers more options. Sometimes the app itself is free but has to be paid for extensions (so-called in-app purchases).

In terms of content, apps can vary from sports, weather or news applications to applications related to internet banking, entertainment, books, photography, cooking, music, lifestyle, education, route navigation, games and the business world.

Companies can make certain services available through an app. An app can then be used to support the existing services of a company, but also to strengthen a brand.

Certain apps offer the possibility to respond quickly to an article, photo or movie. Apps are therefore suitable for use as a crowdsource instrument.

In addition, an app can be used as a means to make operational management more efficient. With a smartphone or tablet (with internet access) it is possible to answer e-mails while on the move, to keep an agenda or to view documents. Tailor-made apps can also be developed for specific business applications.

It is also possible to control another device, such as a drone, via an app. The smartphone or tablet then acts as a remote control. The app can then display images from, for example, the camera built into a drone, so that the driver can see where the drone is located.