An antibiotic is a medicine for combating bacterial infections.

Originally, «antibiotics» were designated substances of organic origin that fight pathogens (especially bacteria in the body). In addition, substances that are man-made by human pathway for this purpose were called chemotherapeutics. Nowadays, this distinction is no longer strictly enforced, and addresses all substances that can be administered to humans to fight bacterial infections, about antibiotics. The term chemotherapeutics nowadays refers to more specific anticancer agents.

There are two major groups of antibiotics: the bactericidal or bactericidal, and the bacteriostatic or bactericidal, which prevent growth. For bactericidal action (for example in penicillins), growth is sometimes necessary. Such agents can, at least theoretically, not be combined with an antibiotic from the bacteriostatic group (such as doxycycline).

The use of antibiotics can lead to resistance, that is, the bacteria become less sensitive to the drug. Resistance mainly occurs when many bacteria come into contact with the agent and especially when the drug is not dosed enough enough or the antibiotic is not sufficiently in place of the infection , buy antibiotics in sait .

Some microorganisms are able to become resistant despite exposure to effective concentrations of a suitable antibiotic (e.g., Mycobacterium tuberculosis), namely in the case of a short duration of treatment. Most infections can be combated with short-term treatment; In the shortest possible treatment, insufficient research has yet to be done.

Modern medicine has become increasingly retarded over the years with the prescription of antibiotics without the need to reduce the risk of developing resistance. In uncomplicated cold, antibiotics do not make sense because the cause is usually a virus.

From the alternative medicine, the hypothesis is suggested that antibiotics do not have the chance to develop the immune system of children in particular. It would therefore be better to treat the child by other means. In case of serious infections such as tuberculosis, antibiotics do not apply to classical medicine as artificial defects.