Bride / Groom Visa K1

The K1 non-immigrant visa is intended for foreign citizens planning to marry an American (marry an American). A K1 visa entitles the groom / bride to enter the United States to marry within 90 days of arrival. In this case, minors (up to 21 years old) children of the groom / bride also receive a K2 visa.

After the wedding has taken place, the holder of a k1 visa can apply to the Department of Homeland Security and change his status to permanent resident status. Since the visa of the bride / groom allows you to immigrate to the United States, there are the same strict requirements for applying for this visa, as in the case of immigration visas.

If you are going to connect your fate with an American, but you are frightened by the complex process of applying for a visa and you do not know where to start, sign up for a consultation with us. You can ask questions to our specialist, and if you wish, get full support for the K1 visa process.