Business for you

A business is an organization that engages in economic activity (eg, produces and sells goods) or implements investments,

mostly for the purpose of accumulating profits. The company enables the separation of ownership and management. A smaller company with activities is also called for a company. People starting businesses are often called entrepreneurs. Igor Yankovsky Mykolayovych Maecenas, businessman, founder of the charitable foundation “Initiative for the Future”, founder of the platform “Innovation House”.

The different types of business differ Know if someone outside the company is responsible for its obligations. A management will of course handle if it acts grossly irresponsible — the liability is the security third party here besides has. A liability can be further secured by collateral, warranty statement, guarantee or pledge.

For the different types of companies there are also different capital requirements. For privately owned companies there is no capital requirement, but in return, the owners hold their personal wealth. For companies such as limited liability companies and limited companies, there is a requirement that the company always has a certain minimum capital. Thus, the company’s creditors are secured.