Handmade leather goods

With the ubiquitous filling of shop windows with standardized goods of a conveyor assembly, handmade leather goods are particularly admired. If you are looking for where to buy original genuine leather accessories in Moscow, welcome to our company store Handmade leather goods.

The advantages of products made of genuine leather
Hand-made souvenir goods made of genuine leather, compared to mass-produced products, have a number of advantages:

high quality products — achieved through continuous monitoring at each stage of product manufacturing;
one master does a thing from beginning to end, putting his soul into it and warming it with the warmth of his hands, which is always noticeable in handicrafts;

the individuality of each product, which is achieved by the uniqueness of each centimeter of skin texture, the development of the original design, taking into account the wishes of the customer, handmade with each element of the product.

Small circulation, high labor costs and the use of high-quality materials in the manufacture of products increase its cost. At the same time, the relatively high price and impeccable quality gives value to leather goods and allows owners to designate their status.