Hands massage boston

The team of Meine Massage welcomes you in Leipzig`s largest massage parlor. Experience our wide range of different massages and massage rituals.

At the present time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to exercise and exercise because we are increasingly limited in time. In addition, everyday work is associated with more and more stress. These factors and a wrong attitude in the workplace lead to blockages in the back. These blockages can cause a headache. In addition, pains develop in the neck and back, which can lead to further tension, fatigue and listlessness.

We have various medical massages four hands massage boston as well as wellness massages for you to meet your needs. If you have severe back problems, we recommend the deep tissue massage. At the beginning, we warm the tense muscles with hot stones, so that we can then perform a powerful & intense back massage to release your pain points. Often, however, we humans simply long for rest and inner well-being. Then the Balinese full body massage is just right for you. With this relaxing wellness massage (but also with greater pressure) you can unwind and enjoy moments of tranquility.

Relaxation combines with therapeutic effectiveness. We work either with gentle, medium or strong pressure, but still without hassle in the treatment, so that at the same time the recovery is not too short.

Each of our guests gets according to his wishes and needs an individual massage. Before the treatment, we ask if the head, face and feet may be massaged. Whether you prefer strong or gentle pressure.