Heating Services

The cost-effectiveness of a heating system depends on the acquisition costs and operating costs. The latter are strongly influenced by the usage behavior or the comfort needs of the residents.

For some heaters, the public sector grants purchase grants; which lower the acquisition costs. Taxpayers in Germany can claim the cost of craftsmanship tax-reducing (see below).

For the evaluation of overall efficiency, the degree of utilization is more important than efficiency handyman services ca.

The efficiency classifies only the losses with the burner running.

The degree of utilization of the year describes the ratio between the required useful heat and the amount of fuel used. The indication of the yearly utilization factor or also the standard usage factor (in addition to the losses that occur during the burner) also takes account of all losses that occur during the burner standstill.

Since in one year only burner runs of about 1.800 hours are reached and the burner is the rest of the time, an efficiency indication is always only a moment. The efficiency factor, on the other hand, is the energy efficiency over a certain period of time, For example, one year. Improvement of the efficiency is possible by the installation of a condensing value heating system — provided the return temperature in the heating circuit is relatively low. They also use the condensation heat of the water vapor generated during combustion.