How to make a beautiful make-up

Proper face makeup is not just colored lines and spots. In order to make a beautiful make-up, it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors, such as skin type, face shape, color type. The images below will help you identify them.

Depending on the type of skin, what means are used for care, as well as as a basis for decorative cosmetics.

Every day best makeup artist begins with perfect skin. The first step will be to take care of her, using cleansing, toning and nutrition products according to her type.

It is necessary to proceed directly to the action after the moisturizer is completely absorbed. When choosing a foundation, it is especially important to pay attention to the composition of cosmetics. Well, if it is completely natural and environmentally friendly, then the risk of allergies and irritation from the use of the product will be reduced to zero. Ideally, mineral cosmetics is very popular among Hollywood stars.

First primer is applied. This is a special base that evens out skin tone and topography, hides imperfections, and allows subsequent layers to lie more evenly. Primers are friable and creamy.

Both options have their advantages, so small particles in the first option allow you to absorb excess fat, if the skin has such a feature.

At the same stage, all skin imperfections, such as pimples or burst capillaries, are removed. The primer can also cope with this function, or you can use special correctors.

They usually have a specific color to fix specific problems:

yellow and orange — mask bruises under the eyes and other defects of blue or purple color, as well as neutralize redness and correct too pink complexion;
green — ideally hide red problems, such as acne;
pink — eliminate the earthy complexion, and also gives it freshness;
lilac — fight yellow imperfections, freckles and bruises.
After such preparation, the main tone can be applied. It must absolutely match the natural color of the skin. In order to choose the right shade, you need to test the product not on the face, but on the neck. Loose mineral bases should be preferred. In addition to the fact that the offered assortment itself is extensive and even contains products with pink and yellowish shades, which is rarely found among other manufacturers, any bases can be mixed together. This will achieve an absolute match with the natural color of the skin. In addition, unlike foundation creams, the mineral base does not clog pores and provide permanent makeup throughout the day.