How to save on car rental

In order to rent a car, there can be many reasons: leisure, family, travel or work. In the role of a tenant can be both a company and a very specific citizen. Accordingly, a citizen most often takes a car for personal purposes, and an organization is almost always only for business trips.

And, of course, in both cases one cannot but worry about the question: what are the rules of service provision and how to use it correctly? Leasing to individuals and legal entities differs slightly. In general, the same rental rules apply to them.

rent a car crete is very convenient. But if you do not follow some important recommendations when concluding a contract and choosing a car, then you can seriously suffer from unforeseen consequences. And — to suffer greatly in financial terms.

You need to carefully look at the contents of the contract, as the car requires constant maintenance, and during its operation there is always a risk of an accident. Landlords try to relieve themselves of as much responsibility as possible and transfer it to the tenant.

Therefore, you need to know how to rent a car and how not to be responsible for absolutely everything.