Instructions for choosing a lawyer

The judge will independently assess your judgments and argumentation, as well as the witnesses invited by you, will study the facts and evidence you have provided. Therefore, if you cope with this task, without missing the opportunity to promptly present important facts and circumstances of the case to the court, give logically verified arguments and the studied judicial practice and legislation of the Russian Federation — you can be congratulated.

In real life, it often happens differently: not everyone wins the processes using the services of lawyers, and a very small number of people among those who do without them at all.

How to choose a private lawyer לירום סנדה?
This may not be so easy, and time is usually not enough. After all, as a rule, it is impossible to predict in advance the need for legal services for defense in court. Of course, one should look closely at law firms and individual human rights defenders on an ongoing basis, drawing information from the press, the Internet, communicating with people, consulting the lawyers themselves on certain current issues.