Message boards as a way to promote

An electronic bulletin board is a site on which ads are placed.Initially, this concept applied exclusively to BBS. However, as the Internet spread, many sites appeared that were quite similar to ordinary household bulletin boards or advertising newspapers. They inherited the name of electronic bulletin boards (however, the BBS abbreviation is rarely used for such Russian-language resources). Their content is a collection of commercial and / or non-commercial ads and is placed both on a paid and free basis, depending on the particular site english english. Many advertising companies that have paper publications and work in the field of television and radio advertising, create and maintain their own electronic bulletin boards.

An electronic bulletin board is functionally similar to an ordinary one: this is a site where everyone can post their ad, and all visitors to the site can read it. An electronic bulletin board is usually divided into several thematic sections, according to the content of the ads.

Most whiteboards are free. To place his ad, the user only needs to enter his subject, his name / pseudonym or the name of the organization in a special form, as well as the coordinates: email address, postal address, phone number, URL of his site, etc. (the data set depends on a specific resource ) As a rule, only the names of the authors and topics of the ads are displayed, and to view the full text of the advertisement, the user must click on the link leading to it. In some boards, only registered users can post ads, in some — all. Now on the Internet there are thousands and even tens of thousands of message boards. Usually each of them is dedicated to a particular type of announcement. There are national bulletin boards designed for residents of a particular locality.