Modern veterinary clinic

Over the years, the veterinary clinic has accumulated extensive experience and has assembled a staff of qualified veterinarians who know how to help your pet around the clock. We treat the problem of each animal individually, expand the range of services, improve the quality of service and improve the operations carried out in the clinic. Our specialists regularly attend refresher courses, attend lectures and seminars on the treatment of pets.

We work around the clock, you can seek help from our veterinarians even late at night. We offer our patients a complete diagnosis of diseases of an ophthalmological, neurological, orthopedic nature. The clinic carries out planned and emergency operations, after which detailed instructions for the care and further treatment of the animal are given.

The 24-hour vet dubai clinic offers you services for caring for your pet. Our offices are equipped with the most modern equipment and technical innovations that allow us to provide pets with the most effective assistance.