Registration of visas for entry to Ukraine

There are many decisions and other documents regulating the entry and stay in Ukraine of foreign citizens, specifically citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as stateless persons. We have collected all the information related to the Russians on one page.

How many days can I stay in Ukraine
According to the legislation of a neighboring country, citizens of the Russian Federation can stay in Ukraine for a maximum of 90 days within 180 days from the date of first entry.

Documents for entry to Ukraine
The first thing you need to have a Russian to travel to Ukraine is the passport of the Russian Federation. Traveling with a common passport will not work. Also, Ukrainian border guards may require other documents — see the full list below. In order to be guaranteed to enter the territory of a neighboring state, we recommend collecting the entire package of documents and taking the necessary amount of money. Russians do not need a make an e-Visa to Ukraine — there is a visa-free regime between the countries.

Foreigners and stateless persons to enter a neighboring state must have a certain amount of money — financial security. The amount of financial security depends on the number of days of stay in Ukraine and the size of the subsistence level adopted in the country at the time of the trip.

It is worth considering that the size of the living wage in Ukraine varies several times a year (the next increase in July and December 2020).