Sewer cleaning methods

The problem of cleaning the sewage system was familiar to our distant ancestors. An example is the sewerage system that was used in ancient Greece. It consisted of inclined channels located underground. With the help of some of them, wastewater was discharged to the fields. There the waste was used as fertilizer. Other channels led to a large underground reservoir. The Greeks were very clean. They cleaned the tank as it filled up. It is very interesting that the modern sewer system has a much more complex structure, but it has become much easier to clean it. This is due to the use of specialized equipment drain clog repair.

Sewerage cleaning is one of the pressing problems of our time. Nowadays, not only preventive, but also emergency cleaning of sewer blockages is a very fast process. Firms that provide such services usually have in their arsenal such equipment that the ancient Greeks could not even dream of. One of these inventions is the ilosos. This machine is intended for carrying out sewage works. This unit consists of a tank and a vacuum pump. Its use is advisable for preventive maintenance work on cleaning pipes, wells and entire sewer systems.

During the active operation of the sewage system, various deposits are formed on the inner surface of the pipes. Because of this, the throughput of the sewer system is significantly reduced, which leads to the creation of a favorable environment for the development of various microorganisms. The result will come very soon. Be prepared for pipes collapsing and odors that are not too pleasant. Only timely cleaning will help in removing blockages and eliminating factors that contribute to the multiplication of anaerobic microorganisms.