Solidago Virgaurea

Solidago Virgaurea has a pronounced diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. Due to these properties, it is widely used in chronic diseases of the bladder and kidneys, especially often in urolithiasis, in urinary disorders in the elderly (involuntary urination or urinary retention), hematuria, albuminuria, prostatic hypertrophy. Zavrazhnov and others argue that an experimental study of the flavonoid complex of common goldenrod revealed its pronounced hypoazotemic and diuric properties goldrute.

The appointment of a decoction of goldenrod herb to patients with kidney stones showed that goldenrod does not have a stone-dissolving property, but it increases the secretory-extraterinary function of the kidneys, regulates water-salt metabolism and acid-base balance. At the same time, the pH of urine rises and phosphaturia increases, at the same time, uraturia and oxalaturia decrease and are eliminated. These data confirm the advisability of prescribing goldenrod preparations for the treatment and prevention of urate and oxalate kidney stones.