Soviet vintage watch VOSTOK Amphibian Men’s

Amphibian Watch — an opportunity to find out the time under any conditions Amphibian Watch is unique and presentable. Based on the name, you can guess that this accessory is reliable and practical in any setting. The history of this watch begins with a special order for the famous brand vostok radio room is designed for people with an active lifestyle. Sport, travel, aggressive environment in no way threaten the flawless operation of the Amphibian wristwatch mechanism. They are created for confident, purposeful men and women without pathos, with high self-esteem.

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Do you need these chronometers? The cost of hours Amphibian corresponds to the level of a person who knows his own worth, attracting the attention of many. To understand that this is your accessory, you need to answer a few questions: Do you have a need for a super-strong and reliable watch? Is your style ambitious and dynamic? Should your watches be functional? Are all the answers positive? Then why doubt? Go to the pages of our catalog in order to buy your Amphibian wrist watch soon!