Tantric massage

Tantric massage is a massage style that is based on Tantra, which is a philosophy emerged in 2500 BCE,

whose origin was born in the Drávida culture, people who lived in the valley of the Indus River, where today is known as Pakistan. It has its roots in Tantra Yoga happy ending massage manhattan.

Tantra is a behavioral philosophy, of matriarchal, sensorial and derepressing principles. Their meditations, practices and experiences lead to awakening and ascending Kundalini energy, which is the vital energy that gives life movement and consequently all the energetic, emotional, mental and physiological processes of individuals. The ascension of Kundalini is thought to be born in the pelvic region (basic chakra) and up the spine to the top of the head (primary chakra).

Tantric massage seeks to refine sensitivity in order to expand and intensify the orgastic sensation, linking various muscle groups in the bioelectric reaction of orgasm. Not only that, some types of massage also seek to tone and strengthen the genital muscles of men and women in order to provide greater support for bioenergy.

This intensifying orgasm work has a therapeutic effect — energizing the chakras and regulating hormone production — as well as a meditative effect, expanding awareness and perception. It should not be confused, however, with the Tantric sex — called, in Sanskrit, of Maithuna — or sex of any nature. Massage, while dealing with sexual energy, proposes a breakdown of paradigms and concepts linked to sexuality that, effectively, could not happen in a common sexual relationship, although there is no quotation in the original Tantric texts.

Despite using the term «massage,» it actually has no direct connection to massage therapy, possessing different techniques, philosophies, goals, and origins of massage therapy. Therefore at the international classification level, «tantric massage» is not recognized with a massage itself, but only seen as alternative body therapy, not belonging to the methods used by massage therapists in Brazil or abroad.