Tbilisi bus tour

The capital and largest city of Georgia is located on the banks of the largest river of Transcaucasia — the Kura (the Georgian name is Mtkvari, which means «good water»). The city lies in a hollow surrounded on all sides by mountains. Tbilisi bus tour.

The population of Tbilisi is more than 1.1 million people. These are Georgians, and Armenians, and Azerbaijanis, and Jews, and representatives of other nationalities. The national currency is Georgian Lari (GEL).

People come to this city to see ancient castles and monasteries, visit museums and sulfur baths, and also admire amazing local landscapes. This is a poetic city, which at one time became a muse for Shota Rustaveli, Mikhail Lermontov, Leo Tolstoy.

Judging by the first documentary sources, the city of Tbilisi was founded in the IV century. It was then that the first references to a settlement named after the local warm springs appeared (“Tbili” in Georgian means “warm”).

Due to its special geographical location (almost on the border between Asia and Europe), the Georgian capital was often the victim of internecine wars. In the USSR, Georgia was considered a very attractive place to relax, now the country’s tourism industry is actively developing.