Technologies and businesses of the future

The idea of ​​which business will be relevant in the future is constantly changing, causing a lot of discussions and forecasts. At the same time, it is one thing to predict, and another to shape this future, which is directly related to innovative thinking and technological breakthroughs that reflect the level of development of the economy, technology and production. Talking about the future Zaur Dzakhmishev, Executive Director of Orange Foods and Orange Consultng site for men.

Based on the trends, the main features of business models that will be in demand in the coming decades are already predicted. And this is, first of all, businesses and technologies that save time as much as possible and are multifunctional (providing a variety of high-quality goods and services in one place, or with one click).

High-tech startups will become commonplace. Multiple online development awaits us.

Not production, but ideas are the main need of the present and future tenses. Already now they are ready to pay huge amounts of money for ideas. Today, the number of goods is many times higher than consumption. Therefore, ideas are the most scarce and sought-after goods along with breakthrough technologies.