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Shipping means the transport of goods, or cargo (z. B. raw materials, minerals, products of heavy industry, miscellaneous goods and bulk commodities and especially in containers) by ship to transport suitable waterways (rivers, canals), lakes, seas and oceans.

The transportation of persons is referred to only as shipping, if it takes place in political or economic order, for example, the transport of an army or of slaves. The move on solution in central London In cases where you work with a full services mover in Ealing, you will not need to do your own packaging, loading and unwrapping when you arrive at your new address.

The shipment of raw materials, natural resources and products of heavy industry often represents a considerably more economical alternative to land transport (railway, trucks, heavy trucks), provided that the geographical conditions exist.

For some types of cargo loading on board the cargo ship to special shipping facilities shall take place, which may be part of a harbor. Landside need shipment facility be equipped with a form adapted to the cargo infrastructure (railway siding, road, Lorenbahn, conveyor belt or vibrating conveyor for bulk materials, pipeline, Cargo, Container Terminal, etc.).

A waybill accompanied the transported cargo and regulates acquisition, transport and handover. With a bill of lading, the handover of the goods to be shipped by the shipper at the shipper (carrier) is acknowledged. Dealing in bills of lading than tradition paper (securities) is possible.