Wash ‘n’ Go Window Cleaning Service

Window cleaner — the process of removing contaminants from the outside windows of buildings and structures, less often — cars, ships and other mechanisms and structures with windows.

The person involved in this must have the minimum necessary skills of this action, be able to use cleaning agents, step-steers, special lifting and outboard equipment, not to be afraid of heights. Washing windows is very important for the appearance of the building window cleaning manhattan, and for the comfort of people inside. The style and methods of operation of window washers, their licensing, payment for work, equipment and adaptations vary greatly from country to country and from region to region.

Window cleaner as a specialized craft began to acquire its features as the buildings in which they were located, were getting higher. For example, you can take New York and Chicago, which in the late XIX century began to appear the first skyscrapers. At first, the washers washed the windows with one hand, standing on the outer windowsill and holding onto the frame. Later they began to fasten with safety ropes, and then began to use suspension cradles. By 1931 in New York there were 2-3 thousand window washers. In 1952 Otis Elevator Company invented the first electric cradle for window washers, especially for washing the building of Lever House. Since 1973, attempts have begun to fully automate the process of washing windows.