What is Augmented Reality and how does AR work?

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated world that can be accessed using immersive devices such as helmets, gloves, headphones. The virtual environment completely replaces the real world without reacting to its changes, while the user can influence it, immersing himself, for example, in a video game.

what is augmented reality (AR) simply adds layers to the real world. That is, people can still interact with the physical environment by receiving additional information from their devices or augmented reality applications.

To immerse yourself in virtual reality, you need to use an immersive headset. Information provided by a VR device can include image, sound, as well as tactile sensation, smell, and even taste. Augmented reality devices include headsets like Google Glass glasses, mobile phones (you need to download a special application), cameras (they «lay down» layers on the physical environment when the user looks into the lens). As a rule, when interacting with augmented reality, a person receives only visual and audio experience.