What is CVC / CVV

If you are a confident user of the global Internet and often make purchases in virtual stores, you probably know what a CVV or CVC code is.

What it is? Where is the code located?
The card’s secret code determines its suitability for online payments. In other words, the CVC or cvv code gives you the opportunity to manage the funds in the account without physically contacting the card.

The secret code is always located on the back of the card, where there is a magnetic strip, designed to read information about the account holder. A three-digit set of numbers (sometimes a four-digit one) is considered a security code valid for identifying a user in the payment system and the authentication system of the bank itself. It should be noted: even though there are three digits in the code of Visa and MasterCard payment systems, this protection has a different name. For Visa — CVV2, for MasterCard — CVC2.

Yes, progress does not stand still, but it still has not reached us in full. Cards are still issued that do not have a special CVC / CVV code, and such accounts become a real problem for their owners. As a rule, such cards include only salary plastic cards intended only for cash withdrawal. However, there is a solution: to pay for purchases in the online store, you can ask the bank to open a special card for online settlements. Many payment systems provide users with the opportunity to register an electronic card, intended only for the payment of goods and services via the Internet.