Where to go on vacation this summer

A few years ago, this Balkan country was one of the most budgetary options for a seaside vacation. Then the Croats introduced visas, tour operators abandoned charter flights and the rest automatically ceased to be so cheap. However, given the low costs inside the country and well-chosen air tickets, you can still relax here for good money. In addition, due to the closure of Turkey, tour operators again began to set up charter flights, which, due to the mass and volumetric nature, may come out cheaper than regular frequencies https://flytravelling.com/.

Exactly the same story is happening with Montenegro as with Croatia. Charters return, demand from Turkey is starting to rise again. In terms of spending within the country, Montenegro is confidently ahead of its Balkan neighbor, but this is compensated by the lack of visas, which will be to the liking of those who like to go on vacation at the last moment.